Over thirty years of collateral to secure fixtures.

The Group Nunziata, producer of iron frames Porta Aurelia, is active in Campania since 1982.

In over thirty years of activity has become a consolidated reference point for the housing market and steel. With the five corporate brands that comprise it, Siderurgica Nunziata, Iperbrico, CLS, Gienne Doors & Construction General GN, each specialized in a specific industry, you can design, manufacture and market steel building products and quality.

The Group’s philosophy Nunziata was to acquire an asset: its customers and their satisfaction. For the future orientation is to move from mere sale of the product to the placing on the market of services related to the product which:

– Timely deliveries;
– Information and training related to the product sold;
– Assistance during the sale and after-sales service.

With the production of the Persian Armored iron slat furniture “Aurelia”, the first and only patented with moving segments, got the “Class 3 burglar alarm,” according to UNI 1630. This second step was largely achieved thanks to a staff of highly qualified technicians and countless investments in terms of research and studies.

In addition to providing a blinded product in high quality iron, Nunziata, the Group, through its division Gienne Doors, can also provide an information service and training for the installation, care and maintenance of their windows and a ‘highly professional assistance and advice through its authorized dealers.