Accessories fixture

Pomo and burglar-proof lock

• Patented Lock with high-proof
• self-locking bolts, consisting of two opposing hooks toothed and made ​​of steel carbonitrided
• Drive the bolts with square handle and locking of the handle with cylinder (Art. 4001/4002)
• Drive and locking bolts with cylinder (Art. 4003/4004)
• Suitable for sliding door or window frames
• Inlet 30mm,
• Stroke 25mm referrals
• Complete with M8 threaded rods connection

Handle and locks the front fascia 24 mm galvanized
(optional locks)

Mortise lock double map to end. LOCKING. rods connection plug. 3 keys by 79 mm. Front galvanized steel 240x24x3. box height 64 mm. Four throws, two pistons Ø 13 mm 9. Separate latchbolt reversible. latchbolt by key or handle follower mm 8.
2 rings. fixing screws.

Painting (RAL colors commercial)

Thermosetting powder coating at 180 ° -200 ° degrees in RAL business.


Is performed in a facility capable of performing a mechanical and chemical pretreatment.

The mechanical process occurs via automatic blasting jet modulated with spherical metallic grit for the removal of fat persistent, rust or other forms of oxidation, thus ensuring the maximum result in the subsequent phase of phosphating.

The chemical process takes place via the phospho-degreasing. Degreasing to remove debris processing oils. Phosphating to create a layer in order to improve the corrosion resistance and promote the adhesion of subsequent painting.

The material is subsequently subjected to a first washing with industrial water spray and a second washing with demineralized water.

Is then passed in the drying oven and only then subjected to coating.

Paint Warranty: 10-year
on demand

The company Siderurgica Nunziata is able to ensure, with the processing of quality products manufactured with a ten-year duration of the paint attaching to the delivery of the products:

• Certificates of quality of finishing powder supplied by the manufacturer:
Qualicoat Class 1

• Certificate of the painting process carried out by the establishment of painting;

Paint Treatment AKZO
on demand

The shutter can be painted with AKZO system.

The system includes a primer coat and a finish product with Class 1000 Series, with certificate of finishing powder Qualicoat Class 1 issued by AKZO SpA.